N.E.E. Nations, PMA



A Private Members Association

It’s all in the choice

Do you ever wonder if your purpose here is to contribute to the creation of a New Earth Experience?Ā 

Our N.E.E.N. YOUniversity

Our community thrives on the symbiotic relationship between teaching and learning, where every experience, whether as an educator or a learner, propels us toward our highest potential. In this nurturing environment, individuals are encouraged to step forward, share their insights, and contribute their wisdom to the communal tapestry. It is a place where voices are heard, experiences are valued, and everyone contributes to the collective evolution of our nation and, by extension, the world.

INSIDE OUT with the N.E.E.N. Family

Here at N.E.E.N. we embrace the transformative power of love over fear. We stand unwavering in our truth, amplify our voice, and rediscover our inner strength. Thank you for being a witness to our soul’s vibrant hues as we paint a path of positivity and leave a radiant impact on the world around us all. Click below to read, watch and hear our Colors of the Soul.


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Full Of Opportunity For Our Members

In the heart of our community lies the most crucial element: its people, with their unique talents and unparalleled abilities. We stand as a collective that nurtures individual strengths, serving as a guiding light for all who are part of this family. Whether you are poised for growth or gearing up to radiate your light, remember, we are the unwavering support system that will propel you towards shining brightly.

Why Unicorns?

New Earth Economy Nations, Private Members Association, embraces the unicorn symbol, transcending mere imagery. Unicorns embody a profound journey steeped in purity, innocence, and infinite power. Rooted in the majestic allure of the unicorn, we honor a legacy that defies time, weaving through the threads of ancient civilizationsĀ  that has captivated the hearts of many.

We chose the unicorn to serve as the beacon of our awakening, of our remembering, a resonating energy of truth and love. This emblem echoes tales of wonder and mystique across the canvas of history.

This beautiful creature, unchained from the crown, was believed to possess mystical properties capable of restoring waters and mending afflictions, symbolizes a transformative force that marks a new chapter for humankind.

We are here to transform and create new chapters for humankind, starting with a simple choice of, ā€œYes, I am ready for newness.ā€